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Lego City: How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

One Church, Louisville

After spending a few weeks getting sorted, cleaned, and gussied up by the GLC office staff, all 300lbs of us were packed up into our trailer and we began our summer travels just after the 4th of July.

Our first stop of the summer was One Church in Louisville, Kentucky. The church was planted two and a half years ago and we were honored to be the theme of their very first VBS. Many of the church’s youth were the main volunteers and several moms took advantage of being able to play with their kids. Through the commitment of a local organization to feed children throughout the summer months, One Church was able to feed all the participants and volunteers for free every day (although we didn’t get any at all)! The team at One Church found songs that matched the verses given in our Lego City...

The Underground Railroad has a Rich History in Ohio

The Underground Railroad has a Rich History in Ohio

With over 400 miles of border with two slave states (Virginia and Kentucky) and its proximity to Canada, Ohio was considered one of the most active states in the Underground Railroad with over 3,000 miles of routes. The Underground Railroad was neither underground nor a railroad. Underground referred to the secrecy of the network, and due to the expansion of railroads in this era, the language of railroads (cargo, stations, and conductors) was used as code for those involved with harboring escaped slaves and helping them reach freedom. By the end of the Revolutionary War (1783) most northern states had passed laws that abolished slavery. The Ohio Anti-Slavery Society was formed in 1835 and the second version of the Fugitive Slave Act was passed in 1850. The Act mandated that local individuals and authorities cooperate with slave catchers and that escaped...

GLC Updates

Mike Rice (left) is now the lead pastor of Faith Covenant Church in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Mike previously served on the pastoral staff of LifeChurch Canton in Canton, Michigan.


Joe Poppino, former pastor of Covenant Community Church in Fairfield, Ohio is now serving at Sanctuary Covenant Church in Sacramento, California.

Craig Pinley has transitioned away from Redeemer Church in Hamilton, Ohio. He and his family have relocated to Texas.

Fireside Covenant Church has moved into their new facility in Oregon, OH.

One Church has started worshipping in their new location in Louisville, KY.